Why PiranhaDox?

PiranhaDox is the industry's most flexible, advanced, and mature e-discovery software, designed for the future of e-discovery processing. It easily handles up to 1 TB of data per day on a single workstation. Savvy litigation support professionals are rapidly adopting PiranhaDox to avoid the time-consuming, labor-intensive methods of legacy technologies.

What does PiranhaDox do?

PiranhaDox makes your work significantly easier, reduces your costs, and allows you to begin searching and reviewing your data in minutes. It includes data ingestion and indexing, early case assessment (ECA), a review interface, imaging and export functionality - all in a single, integrated application with an intuitive user interface.

Who uses PiranhaDox?

PiranhaDox users include Fortune 500 Corporations, major law firms and leading e-discovery service providers. PiranhaDox is also used by government agencies, advisory firms, forensic firms, litigation support consultants and anyone else who can benefit from having an easy-to-use, powerful e-discovery processing software application at their fingertips.

How do I get started?

You can read more about PiranhaDox, or request an over-the-web demo. After you view a demo, we'll give you a free test drive, so you can experience PiranhaDox's capabilities hands-on. If you're ready to start processing right away, contact us to order PiranhaDox now.